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Typical Assignment Structure

Candidate Identification and Sourcing

High quality research is fundamental to what we do and we have access to some of the best researchers in the business. We can also call upon a very extensive, international, senior level referral network across the financial spectrum, both within institutions and client side. It is then always left to a senior consultant to instigate the first candidate contact because:

  • the first impressions (both given and received) are crucial
  • candidate evaluation and management begin from first contact
  • subtle nuances in communication can provide vital clues to a candidate’s true motivation

Nor is our research time-limited as is so often the case elsewhere, continuing until enough genuinely motivated candidates of the right calibre have been identified.

Account Management

We work hard to develop close working relationships with our clients and earn their trust by regular, open and honest communication. We also take very seriously our responsibility as ambassadors of our clients’ employer brand. Because we are so often operating across different time zones, we are very much aware that ours is not a nine to five operation, and remain available to both clients and candidates well outside office hours. In return we expect our clients to be open-minded, give consideration to our recommendations and respond to communications in a timely manner.

Interview & Assessment

As a team we have considerable experience of evaluation, assessment and negotiation at senior level, and are particularly aware that the evaluation of search candidates requires a distinct and different skill set. If required, we can call upon a range of advanced psychometric instruments to augment the assessment process.

Confidentiality & Candidate Management

Complete confidentiality for both the candidate and client is implicit in everything we do as an international search firm. This is why so many candidates regard us as trusted advisors and clients entrust us with extremely sensitive assignments and are happy for us to be directly involved in brokering the final offer. Collectively we have considerable experience of relocating candidates internationally and handling potentially sensitive cross-cultural issues.

Search Process Illustration

  • Detailed consultation and approval of defined candidate and job specifications against which the final shortlist will be assessed.
  • Agreement of project reporting, target milestones and timescales, plus all important “off limits” list of any employer organisations not to be approached in the search.
  • Target list production: identification of potential candidates via desk research, discreet enquiry and our extensive international network – both institutional and client-side.
  • Execution of discreet, intensive initial research phase, approaching appropriate level individuals within likely employer organisations internationally.
  • Consultant interviews: face to face wherever possible, typically a minimum of 1.5 hours each and involving advanced “situational – behavioural” interview technique.
  • Presentation of final shortlist for client interview with full CV’s and candidate reports.
  • Client interviews, organised by the consultants and with their participation if required. Psychometric assessment can be applied at this stage if required.
  • Consultants’ active involvement in pursuit of references, brokering of the offer and support of the chosen candidate to the point of commencement.
  • Post appointment follow-up, including assignment review, discussion of appointee’s induction and development needs.

Reporting and Timescales

Regular communication throughout the assignment is essential, and the precise frequency, nature and point(s) of contact are agreed at the outset. Once the research is completed, an estimated timeline for the remainder of the assignment ensures the availability of the key decision makers for final interviews.